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Professional finishing

Put a final polish on your promotional materials with expert finishing from Pal Printing. Have your documents embossed or foil stamped for a more official look and feel, a popular choice is a family crest and save-the-date notices.


As small of a detail as it may seem proper cutting can make the difference between impressive and immature. Don't settle for anything less than the cleanest, most accurate cuts. At Pal Printing if we aren't satisfied with the final cut we will re-run your job.

Collating and binding

If you've got workbooks to hand out at a retreat, or just need to get that quarterly report done up in a professional looking way consider the expert binding and collating services at Pal Printing.


Choose from a variety of different binding styles and select the one that best suits your needs. We'll make sure that each booklet is properly collated, squared, and bound. With us on your side you'll be looking good, we guarantee it.

Finishing service

 •  Die cutting

 •  Embossing

 •  Scoring

 •  Foil stamping

 •  Engraving

 •  Lamination

 •  Collating

 •  Binding

Laminating service

Laminating worksheets and important notices can extend the life of the document and make them more useful.

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